Advantages of Participation in the "Kids Expo 2024"


The Qatar Kids Expo 2024 serves as a platform for the education and health sectors, institutions, and businesses to showcase and promote their services and products. This includes but is not limited to: Educational and health services, food items, clothing, shoes, furniture, tools, and toys essential for children's development. The expo offers an opportunity to:


1.Engage with visitors to exchange views and experiences with childcare specialists.

2. Showcase and promote products and services.

3. Support and raise awareness of products, services, and brands.

4. Obtain immediate results and market research from professionals regarding the products, services, and support needed for child development.


Participating in the Kids Expo is an investment in our children's education, protection, and well-being. It serves to fortify their resilience, equip them for the challenges of the future, and align their aspirations with the prospect of a promising future.


Attendees of the "Kids Expo 2024"

The anticipated audience for the “Kids Expo 2024” includes government entities and public sectors, health and social care professionals, global founders of children's product brands, a substantial number of GCC clients, particularly the potential customers in Qatar, and representatives from the government and private educational sectors. This diverse audience is expected to attract a large number of participants and visitors to the exhibitions.

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