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The "Kids Expo 2024" stands as a pioneering event in the State of Qatar, encompassing a noteworthy group of governmental and private sectors and entities, service providers, and companies. Its primary objective is to showcase their services, establishing itself as a platform for experts in development, education, health, and government entities, as well as those concerned individuals in the State of Qatar and the participating countries.

“Kids Expo 2024” serves as a specialized exhibition, offering all-encompassing resources for children under one roof.

Our children embody our future and the brilliance of tomorrow, their well-being stands as the cornerstone in the construction of our homeland. It is their right to receive optimal education, protection, and care, equipping them with the resilience needed to confront diverse challenges.

Both the state and parents bear the ongoing responsibility of providing the requisite care, ensuring that children are nurtured to their fullest potential, aligned with their aspirations and dreams for a promising future.



"Kids Expo 2024"

“Kids Expo 2024" stands as a distinctive exhibition designed to encapsulate, under a single roof, all essential elements of education, health, culture, and entertainment for children from infancy up to the age of 13. The Expo witnessed the participation of several ministries, entities and specialized companies concerned with childcare. The Expo will provide parents and stakeholders with all in-depth knowledge and the diverse requirements of children from A to Z.

Our objective is to encourage both parents and children to acquire useful insights by engaging with local and international participants throughout the duration of the Expo.


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